Why TreeKings Honey?

What makes TreeKings Honey different

Unfortunately fake and impure honeys are very common in the market today despite many people's preference for 100% raw honey. Most of the honey sold in the market today has been heavily processed. Like most foods that have been chemically refined, many of the healthful benefits have been reduced or eliminated.

The problem is adulterated honey can be labeled easily as pure in the market for commercial reasons, extra additives are added to enhance variety of flavors and thickness of the honey. Often they look good, smell good and taste good for the wrong reasons. It is very hard to pick out what is pure, and what is not. Especially when there are hundreds of different types of honey in the market, how can you tell which is good or not?

There are, however a few ways to figure this out and it is our responsibility to ensure that TreeKings honey is indeed raw. As our valued customers you need to know how to verify this.

Our one and only goal is to ensure that the best quality of raw honey is available to as many people as possible to promote health of people around the world.

1. How to verify the purity of Honey?

The best way to verify purity of honey is of course by sending it for a Carbon Isotope test at a trusted well known laboratory. As our valued customers you don’t have to worry about this as we have already done that!TreeKings honey has passed the Carbon Isotope test at GNS Science Lab in New Zealand. Lab certificate can be provided by request or by clicking this link.

2. Store your honey in the freezer

Natural Raw honey if stored in the freezer at very low temperatures will remain in liquid state as it has very low water content with no additives/extra flavors/preservatives. Place your TreeKings honey overnight in the freezer under -18 degrees and you’ll find that TreeKings honey remains wonderfully runny. Go ahead and test it for yourselves! Moreover TreeKings honey tastes great when consumed on its own, chilled & straight from the freezer.

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