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TreeKings honey is a 100% raw honey that has not been adulterated or processed. The honey is harvested straight from ApisDorsata, a type of ancient giant bee hives in a forested areas in Southeast Asia. It contains and preserves all natural vitamins, live enzymes, powerful antioxidant, and all other nutritional elements.

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Harvested straight from the bee hives in the forested area without any additives and preservative, there pure and nature raw honeys are carefully crafted to ensure it preserves all natural health benefits and the best quality of flavour, texture that everybody can enjoy.

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We Produce 100% Natural Honey Straight From the Hive

Our Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our product and service and guarantee your complete satisfactory.

Why TreeKings Honey?

What makes TreeKings Honey Different?

Unfortunately fake and impure honeys are very common in the market today despite many people's preference for 100% raw natural honey. Most of the honey sold in the market today has been heavily processed and mixed with additional additives. Like most foods that have been chemically refined, many of the healthful benefits have been reduced or eliminated. There many different types of honeys are being sold in the markets with different textures, colors and flavors, all claiming to be 100% pure and raw, but which one is it really worth buying? As your valued customer you need to know how to verify the purity of honey as you want to pay for what is worth.

Our product has undergone Carbon Isotope test at a well-known laboratory in New Zealand to prove its quality and authenticity. Go ahead and verify that Tree Kings honey is indeed pure and at its best quality and that’s why it’s different among and worth among the rest.

How to verify the purity of honey?

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